Brauhaus Schmitz South Street, Another Year-Another Favorite, by Alex Blank

The fall fest season in the Philadelphia region is not complete without the South Street Oktoberfest at Brauhaus Schmitz. This annual Oktoberfest, going for 13 years strong now, is one of my favorite events of the year.

In just a few hours’ time, early Saturday morning, the block of South Street between 7th and 8th was quickly converted into your typical fest setting: tents, tables, stage, kitchen, dance floor, and beer trailers. Plenty of beer trailers.

As always, the fest gods provided some beautiful September weather. Beginning at noon, the patrons began to fill the block. Beer was flowing, roast pork and bratwurst hit the grills, and the Heimatklaenge was all set and ready to go.

The event went off without a hitch. The German Hungarians, having been a part of this event since the beginning, posted up right next to the stage where we always do. We watched the Masskrugstemmen, grabbed some beers, and as soon as the band started, we hit the floor, along with many of the Brauhaus Schmitz regulars.

We performed during the band breaks and were joined by many in the audience, including Boss Man, Doug Hager, and New Jersey legend, Tom Frähmke. It’s always great dancing at this event because the crowd gets so into it.

The fest went on throughout the day and the sounds of the Heimatklaenge could not have been any better. It was wonderful to hear many of their new songs since the fests have been few and far between over the past two years.

Hats off to all of the staff at Brauhaus Schmitz for throwing one of the best Oktoberfests in Philly, and to all of the UGH gang that comes downtown every year to help make this event so great.

Looking forward to October 2nd, when Brauhaus Schmitz will co-host the 4th annual Oktoberfest on the Square in Haddon Twp, NJ. We’ll be dancing there again and hope to see some the regular faces.

Alex Blank

Video Courtesy of Karina Fricker

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