Observations on Philly Club Fest-Season, from the WING KING

As the Fall season is beginning and the Philly Club Fest Season will soon come to an end, it is always good to look back at some of the new memories and friendships made over the past few weeks. And to also remember some of the things that make these festivals so great. 

Every August the season begins with a trip to Danubia for the Tag Der Donauschwaben. Followed by the Volksfest at Canstatters, the VE Oktoberfest, and lastly we finish out with a Kirchweihfest at UGH. 

Each fest brings it’s own unique quality and differences, but there is always one thing that remains the same. What’s that you might ask? Germany Jersey guy. 

I’ve been going to all of these fests for my entire life and the ONE thing that has never changed, is there is always a sighting of Germany Jersey guy. 

Sure there’s many different guys sporting the German colors, but to sport them for 33+ years, and have the same haircut in 2021 as in 1988, well, that’s something to be proud of. 

I should note that this year, for the first time ever, he was spotted wearing a Bayer Leverkusen Jersey and not his typical DFB Jersey. I thought it was odd. But who am I to judge? Maybe it was laundry day. 

I hope this man, whoever he is, lives on forever. Proudly wearing his Germany Jersey till the end of time, and I look forward to telling my son about him, my son telling his son about him, and his son telling his son about one of the greatest legends of the Philly Fest Scene. 

Long live Germany Jersey guy. A true Philly staple. 

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Wing King

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