Speaking about 110 Years!

“Another year, another decade gone by!
A new unwritten chapter in our lives!
What words will be penned on our pages?
What stories will be inscribed?
110 Chapters, have now been written.
That is why we celebrate today.
Many more stories have yet to be penned.
It is our youth that will frame the way.
Every moment is a new beginning,
a new page and a new tale to write of.
For our United German Hungarian family & friends we truly wish,
many pages filled with Health, Peace, Laughter, & Love.

-Joe Reiter

A fitting toast for 110 years written and given on Saturday October 23, by Joseph S. Reiter seemed the best way to open this article which features below a series of quotes from our members, guests, friends and families about our Gala Anniversary:

“I had a wonderful time, the dancing performance was amazing!

Energetic, enthusiastic, and authentic! You can tell that the United German Hungarians love to dance!

It was totally worth the wait!”

– Kim Walter

“The 110th anniversary banquet was nothing short of amazing.

The turn out was great, and it was so nice seeing friends both old and new!”

– Pat Raykovitz

“I was so happy to be able to attend the 110th anniversary banquet of the United German Hungarians to celebrate this special occasion.

I especially enjoyed watching the awesome cultural group group’s performances as my Mother Antonia Kreutzer was one of the founders. I know that she and my father were shining down on all of us that beautiful evening. “

– Ruth Kreutzer Herbert

“I watched each performance of our dancers from my stage view with the band! Every move!

With a warmed heart I held back a sentimental tear with each dance selection they performed  crescendo-ing with Bis bald Auf Wiedersehn!

I never felt prouder to be a German Hungarian!

Thank you my friends for a great evening !!”

– John Reiter

“I liked it, and I think it was one of the nicest we ever had as far as the dancing & music goes!

I have to give you credit, the dancers, that was excellent!”

– Adam Herbert


It was a wonderful celebration last night. You gave a lovely and meaningful speech, the dancers were outstanding and I always feel at home when the Heimatklänge plays.

To me, the music, celebration of tradition and the fellowship with friendly folks with whom I share common interests and values is pleasant and always gives my heart a joyful lift.

My thanks and congratulations to you and the entire UGH family!  You have a bright future ahead.”

– Peter Jauss

“From start to finish it was a great event! I loved the display in the back with all of the nostalgia triggering photos and old costumes.

It was a night to be a proud German Hungarian.”

– Dan Galgon

“I was honored to be able to celebrate 110 years with UGH. The Gala was a blast and of course the dancing was amazing to watch.

The effort UGH puts into keeping Cultural German traditions alive is admirable. It’s truly a testament of a great organization to thrive for so long.

Brauhaus Schmitz salutes UGH for the past 110 years and is excited to work with you for the next 110!”

– Doug Hager

“It was a very nice evening with people of all ages which made for a very good time.

The dancing was marvelous and the dance choreographed by the Hungarians was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes.

It reminded me of a time back in the day when our dance group performed and Tony Kreutzer and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes because our little children’s dance group was now a group of wonderful adult dancers.

It was marvelous!”

– Emily Fricker

“It was a great night filled with pride and tradition.

I look forward to our anniversary banquet every year because it gives me, along with my friends, an opportunity to showcase how much we love our culture and history through dance (and now also song).

It was well worth the year plus wait.”

– Anna Martini

So many great words from our members, guests, our friends and their families! Cheers to 110 and many many more wonderful years as German Hungarians!

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