Fun-Filled U.G.H. Ski Weekend, by Mikaela Malofiy

On the weekend of January 29th, a group of nearly forty German Hungarians gathered at Riedlbauer’s Resort in the Catskill Mountains. For those reading this that are not aware, Riedlbauer’s Resort is a German/American “mom and pop” mountain resort. Our group has been gathering here almost every winter for a getaway weekend for about ten years now. Riedlbauers has an at home feel that makes you want to return each year!

This year our group consisted of dance group members, soccer team members, and friends of the club! We had some skiers and non-skiers that enjoyed the New York winter vibe. The skiers went up to Windham Mountain Saturday morning to enjoy the slopes and fresh powder that was covering the mountain. The skiers for the day included: myself, Janet Malofiy, Emma Walter, Michelle Paul, Steve Paul, Stevie Paul, Dave McCall, Joey Hansen, Lauren McLaughlin, Dave Straub, Mack Straub, and David Straub Jr.

The mountain was layered in fresh snow from the night before, leaving most trails great to cruise down! After a long day hitting the slopes, we gathered in the bar for an apres ski! The group of non-skiers enjoyed their day by venturing out and finding some fun activities to partake in. Some went to lunch in town, others went to a brewery, a small group went snowtubing, and the younger kids finished the day with pool time! As you can see this is a great weekend with various activities and always something to do!

Later that night, all German Hungarians gathered in the bar of Riedlbauers for dinner, drinks, and their classic dance party! The night was filled with dancing, drinking, partying, and being surrounded by friends! Riedlbauers is a fun-filled weekend for all and this year it was enjoyed just like years before!

Mikaela Malofiy

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