HK Night: A Review for 2022, by Michael Fricker

I’ve written a piece like this one before, so please forgive me for treading into the same waters. Each event we have is unique, no matter how much of it falls into the same comforts we all enjoy. The people, most of all are what contribute to this. People grow and change and with them our events do.

“HK Night at the Austrian Village,” was held for the third time just recently and as an event it is becoming a comfortable favorite of our circle of folks at the club. We have proven time and time again that the United German Hungarians are able to reach to some of our greatest of heights when we keep our traditions, stick tightly together as families, and bring together music, food, dancing and people.

Wenn ich träum’ in der Nacht

Träum ich immer von dir

What are our dreams for our club? We have many, of course. Championships? Gold Medals? Flights to Europe, or the many wonderful places across America? Continuity of our traditions and our club-life?

All of these are great goals we strive for, but I think that in our hearts our true dreams are something more.

I think that we dream most simply for each other.

On Saturday, February 5th, our club was all together in Rockledge, PA. The Austrian Village once again outdid themselves with the wonderful food, the cold drinks, and the welcoming smiling staff. Die Heimatklaenge never disappoints, and the dance group sends huge thanks to the fellas for their entertainment, support, and partnership.

Thanks to all our members who helped organize the event, selling tickets to friends, donating baskets and attending with your families. Kudos to Alex Blank, our Entertainment Chairman for another event well done.

Du bist der hellste Stern In dieser schönen Nacht 

Und der Stern sagt zu mir 

Ich bleib gerne bei dir 

Bis dass der Morgen erwacht

Allyssa and I stood near the end of the half wall at the village that night and looked on at the tables filled, the dance floor crowded with friends, and the band on the stage. Taking her hand and listening to the words of the song, something important became clear to me.

My club, the United German Hungarians, is the brightest star on a beautiful night.

Michael N. Fricker

Editor’s Note:  The passages in this entertainment review come from one of my favorite songs. The band did play it that night and I pulled some of my favorite and most relevant stanzas for use in this article. The song is “Böhmischer Traum.”  The complete lyrics are included below the gallery.

Below you will find various photos from the evening courtesy of many of our members and friends who shared these on social media. Enjoy:

Wenn ich träum’ in der Nacht
Träum’ ich immer von dir
Du bist der hellste Stern
In dieser schönen Nacht

Und der Stern sagt zu mir
„Ich bleib’ gerne bei dir“
Bis dass der Morgen erwacht

Dann such’ ich deine Hand
Und es wird mir ganz klar
Du bist der Stern
Der mit dem Morgenrot verschwand

Doch es wär’ wunderschön
Bis ans Ende der Zeit
Mit dir zu gehen Hand in Hand

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