Cultural Exchange: It’s That Time Again!

It’s time to restart our Cultural Discussions.  We had been meeting on Thursdays, but I would like to change to Wednesdays, and I hope that will work for all interested in joining.

Last year we started every three weeks, and then altered it, in Looking at the calendar, every three weeks actually works, once a month is too far apart, and every other week doesn’t leave enough time for preparation.

So, I will make three suggestions:

  1. We will first read Bread: On My Mother’s Table by Ingrid Andor; but before we discuss that, I will make a copy of Our Lost Children: Janissaries? by Karl Springenschmid. This is a small book, out of print, but you may want to ask around if anyone has a copy.  It will make for an interesting discussion.  
  2. The next book I would like to tackle is a larger book, chronicling a Ukranian Family of German descent from Pre-WWII to their arrival in the United States.  In consideration of our current world situation, this will be a great discussion, as well as the many Ukranian families that we know who went through a very similar story: The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan.
  3. That will keep us busy for quite some time, but I would also suggest that you get a copy of The Great Swabian Migration a historical novel by Adam Mueller-Guttenbrunn.  The version we will read has been translated into English.

How to get the books!

  •  Bread: On My Mother’s Table by Ingrid Andor available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
  • The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
  • The Great Swabian Migration a historical novel by Adam Mueller-Guttenbrunn. The English translation is available through Pannonia Press online. Email Elsa Walter at I believe that the book is $20.00 plus 5.00 shipping.  

Reach out to me if you have questions by email

We will begin on April 6th with a discussion of the Our Lost Children: Janissaries?   

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Marlene Fricker

Topics We have discussed previously:

  • Maps of Back Home
  • Back to the Banat by Victor Wendl
  • The Julius Doppler Story
  • Once a Refugee by Frid E Nutley & Christine Gegner

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