DSB Anniversary, A great, fun weekend, by Bill Galgon

On February 25, 2022, Die Heimatklaenge and a great group of fans and friends travelled to the Villa Roma resort in the Catskill Mountain region of New York for a three-day Anniversary Celebration.

We all came together to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Die Schlauberger. The fun weekend had been postponed for two years because of the Covid-19 restrictions. I feel the long delay only helped create a bigger, better event because many of us have been locked out for too long.

The weekend started with a 12:00 PM Welcome Party which allowed everyone to check in and have some fun before getting ready for dinner. It should be noted that all meals were included with the hotel price and that the venue did a fantastic job serving three wonderful meals a day. DSB took on the difficult job of assigning people seating assignments so friends could sit together, which made for a comfortable meal.

After dinner, we went back to the Music Hall Venue for more singing, dancing, and good times which lasted until 1:00AM

Saturday’s first highlight was the Heimatklaenge / DSB Bowling Extravaganza. We were challenged to an afternoon match and encouraged to bring our fans for moral support. Unfortunately, we did what we had to do and let the host band take the victory but, the match made for a great afternoon.

Following Dinner, we hit the main stage. Music began with the Die Spitzbuam, followed by a short HK Set. Next the Headliners, DSB, took the stage for a wild two-hour set. Great music and fun all night long. Back to Die Spitzbuam and then the Heimatklaenge closing down the night with the last set going until 2:00 in the morning.

We survived and made it to Sunday morning Breakfast, followed by the Sunday Jam Session where many of the performers took the stage for a fun finale to a great weekend.

It should be noted that they had many bands and there was music at every opportunity.

Bands included DSB, Die Heimatklaenge, Die Spitzbuam, The Adlers, Mountain Express, Alpine Squeeze, Shau Musi, The Austrian Boys, and Johnny Koenig.

A big hand goes out to all the entertainers, the host band and especially all the fans in attendance.

Bill Galgon

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