Major Women, Runners Up in EPSA Tournament, by Michelle McFadden

This past Saturday, February 26, 2022, our Major Women’s Soccer team competed in EPSA Women’s Indoor Invitational at Far Post in Limerick, PA. While there were many players changes the week of, we went into the 5v5 tournament with a solid eight. Seven from our current squad and one guest player. 

It takes a lot now a days to ask someone to give up their Saturday night for some soccer, but the team we had didn’t think twice. The girls we had put the club and playing first and are some of the core girls that show up on a weekly basis all year round. Five of the eight players have been on the team for five to six years. The other two just joined this year but have made such a positive impact on the team already!

Our players for the tournament were: 

Allison Barker
Erin Donnelly 
Jennifer Manning
Jules Blank
Mikaela Malofiy 
Michelle McFadden
Holly Bowser- GK
Katelyn Crouthamel (Guest Player)

The tournament consisted of three 25-minute round robin games, where we were matched up against three Tri-County Women’s Teams. Our match up was against Rose Tree, where we started strong with a 7:1 win. The first game definitely was a confidence booster moving into our next two match ups. Next up we took on Surge who we were very evenly matched against. We ended up with a 3:0 win. Getting a shutout in any indoor game, is a huge accomplishment. Our final game of the round robin was against Colonial. Evenly matched and a very fast paced game, we tied 2:2.

After the standings of each division we’re tallied, our team made the final, where we met with Colonial once again. A friendly match up, refereed by Joanne Neal, where unfortunately the team fell short with a 3:2 loss. 

Overall, this years Women’s Indoor Invitational hosted by EPSA at Far Post was very nicely ran and a great time overall. Looking forward to what else EPSA may have in store for the women’s teams in the area this year! 

Michelle McFadden

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