Jugend Einzel in the Mid-Atlantic Region, by Kathi Noel

Saturday, March 5th was a bright sunny morning as Trachtlers, parents, grandparents and friends traveled to the Delaware Sängerbund in Newark for the Mid-Atlantic Jugend Einzel event hosted by Enzian Volkstanzgruppe. It was so nice to see our friends from the participating clubs including the Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein, Alt Washingtonia SV, Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein, Edelweiss Passaic, Enzian Volkstanzgruppe, GTV Almrausch and the United German Hungarians.

The doors opened at 9:00 and the dancers and accordion players got one last practice in before the event began at 10:00. The floor opened with a warm-up performance with Tanner Beck and Morgan Schulz. The first couple to take the floor following the warm-up performance was our own Charlotte Galgon dancing with her dad Dan Galgon. They were accompanied by Dino and danced the Reit im Winkl. The competition continued throughout the morning until the lunch break. Following lunch, the competition continued and the last couple to dance was Evie Noel and Collin Creveling from the Enzian Volkstanzgruppe. As the scores were being tallied, the dancers and guests mingled and caught up on life events since last seeing one another last July.

The presentation of awards was ready to begin and the following Jugend were announced for their respective age groups:

Bua (9 – 12)

  • 1st Place – George Clark – GTV Almrausch
  • 2nd Place – Eliot Mershon – GTV Almrausch

Dirndln (9 – 12)

  • 1st Place – Evangeline Noel – United German Hungarians
  • 2nd Place – Emma Boyer – Enzian Volkstanzgruppe

Bua (13 -16)

  • 1St Place – Jayden Biesenbach – Enzian Volkstanzgruppe
  • 2nd Place – Aidan Fredericks – Alt Washingtonia SV

Dirndln (13-16)

  • 1st Place – Avery Zodet – Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein
  • 2nd Place – Mallory Creveling – Enzian Volkstanzgruppe

Bua (17 -20)

  • 1st Place – Ethan Dunn – Edelweiss Passaic

Dirndln (17 -20)

  • 1st Place – Megan Brook – Enzian Volkstanzgruppe

Following the presentation of awards and photo opportunities for all, the Jugend assembled to perform Gauplattler. It was a wonderful day for all who attended, and everyone is looking forward to seeing each other again in July at the 28. Gaufest in Atlantic City, NJ. Special thanks to the host club Enzian Volkstanzgruppe for a spectacular day.

Kathi Noel

The featured photo is of our own member Evie Noel who placed first in girls age 9-12 at this event. Notice her first place “medal” around her neck in the photo. Evie is also interestingly enough the granddaughter of this article’s author, Kathi.