3rd Place in Gruppen Preisplatteln, 2023

L to R: (front row) Jason Noel, Jakob Hubert, Sasha Malofiy Jr., Alex Blank, Danny Galgon, Werner Fricker III, Rudy Leschke (1. Gauvorplattler). (back row) Matt La Course (2. Gauvorplattler), Karin Schwab (1. Gauvortaenzerin), Diane Meck (Gaujugendvertreterin), Tom Vogt (1. Gauvorstand), Dino Jakovasic, Nichole Deely, Karina Fricker, Kristen Reiter, Emma Walter, Allysa Reiter, Michelle McFadden, Mikaela Malofiy, Janet Malofiy, Marlene Fricker, Sasha Malofiy, Christine Ott (2. Gauvotaenzerin)

SANDUSKY, OH – On Sunday, July 16 the United German Hungarians were announced as the 3rd place winner of the Gruppen Preisplatteln competition held at the 29. Gaufest hosted by STV Bavaria at the Kalahari Resort. Our team consisted of six couples.

2022 Preisplattler Team:

  • Alex Blank – Mikaela Malofiy
  • Werner Fricker III – Allysa Reiter
  • Sasha Malofiy – Michelle McFadden
  • Stevie Paul – Kristen Reiter
  • Danny Galgon – Karina Fricker
  • Jason Noel – Emma Walter
  • Marlene Blank, Coach
  • Jakob Hubert – Nichole Deely, Alternates
  • Dino Jakovasic, on Accordion

The top five ranked clubs were as follows:

  • 1st – SG Edelweiss, St. Paul, MN
  • 2nd – GTV Almrausch, Philadelphia, PA
  • 3rd – United German Hungarians, Philadelphia, PA
  • 4th – Schuhplattler VV Original Enzian, NY
  • 5th – Schuhplattler und Trachtenverein Bavaria, Cleveland, OH

The top three ranking clubs are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. This 3rd place finish marks the eighth time the German Hungarians have placed in the top three. It is the fifth time we have been awarded third place after 1993, 1995, 1997, & 2022. We placed second in 2003 in Philadelphia. We also placed first in 1999 and in 2007.

In addition to this group achievement three of our dancers won individual awards:

  • Evangeline Noel (Ages 12-15): 2nd Place

Congratulations to all the winners as well as the SG Edelweiss, GTV Almrausch, Original Enzian, and STV Bavaria.

See all the results at www.gauverband.com

The featured image is our 2023 Gruppen Prize Plattler team with their 3rd Place Medals at the Gaufest in Ohio.

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