Majors are the 1999 Open Cup Champions of U.S. Amateur Soccer

Also the Runner-Up of the U.S. Amateur Cup

A group of about fifty, including players, their families, club officials and fans left from two flights from Philadelphia on Thursday, July 15th to attend the USASA National Cup Finals which were held in St. Louis Missouri on July 16,17,and 18. They arrived without incident and settled at the Holiday Inn in West Port. After the team had a run around West Port, Bob Wilkinson, Mike Curley, Werner Fricker, Jr., John Koschewitz, and Claudio Tovaruela attended a Coaches meeting where schedules, rules, and colors were finalized. 

It was decided that the team and their coaches, 23 in total would have breakfast together at 6:30 AM on Friday Morning. At 6:25 AM, all were ready and waiting for their morning feast. 

Then on to the 9 AM game – German Hungarians vs. Los Lobos, Oklahoma, in the Open Semi-final. We won this game 7 to 2. The team then returned to the hotel and after lunch and a short rest the bus brought them back to the field to play the Amateur Semi-Final at 5PM. We defeated the McCormick Kickers of Florida with a score of 3 to 2. The referees were mostly from the Midwest and south. There were no referees from the home region – region 3. 

Saturday, our team was able to relax until the 3PM game against Milwaukee Bavarians in the Open Final.  It was a very close game, and in spite of the fact that 2 of our player received red cards and were sent off the field, we won the Open Cup Championship of the U.S. Amateur Soccer with a score of 2 to 1.  

Naturally the team and the fans celebrated always mindful that on Sunday we were to play the Michigan Arsenal in the Men’s Amateur Cup. As the game progressed it was obvious that both teams were pretty evenly matched. With 30 seconds left in game time our team tied to end 4 to 4. Unfortunately we lost 7 to 5 in overtime. That still left us Runner Up to the U.S. Amateur Cup. 

We congratulate these fine young men and appreciate their efforts on behalf of our club.    

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