Deutscher Tour by Emily Fricker

Featured Image Caption: German Hungarian Prize Plattling Team:
Bottom, Kneeling (l to r):  Alex Blank, John Reiter, Werner Fricker III, Rolf Stielow.  Standing, (l to r):  Janet Malofiy, Connie Reiter, Maria Antoniak (accordionist),  Lisa Fricker,  Susi Hartmann, and Marlene Fricker (coach). 

The United German Hungarian Schuhplattlers and friends traveled to Germany and Participated in the “Bayerischer Lowe 2008”.  The event was held on October 18th at the Heide Volen Gasthaus in Planegg, Munich.  Hosted by the Isar Gau, our group placed 6th out of 16 groups. 

The group left from Newark International Airport on Tuesday, October 14 and returned on Thursday, October 23.  A great trip was planned with visits to Munich, Vienna, Ulm, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.   

Arriving at Munich on October 15th, lunch was at the Hofbrauhaus with a few hours to tour that area of Munich.  Later the group departed from the Munich airport for Vienna and arrived there around 7 PM.  They stayed at the Ibis Hotel for three nights and toured many local attractions.  Touring the city of Vienna, dinner at Grinzing and shopping were among the highlights.  Departing on October 17th, they returned to Munich and stayed in the Hotel Monaco for three nights.  Sites in the Munich area, delicious dinners, and the competition took place during this stay.  On October 19th, a day trip to Ulm by rail, touring the Donauschwaben Museum, ended with exploration of Ulm and a fun dinner.  On Monday October 20th the group departed by rail further south to the area of Garmisch-Partenkirchen where they stayed in the Gasthof Fraundorfer again for three nights. With a last minute tour of the Garmisch area, they departed by rail for the Munich airport.  They arrived home in Newark at approximately 7:00 PM. A great, fun filled trip, with the prize plattling team, and other Schuhplattler group members, spouses, children, relatives and friends, they were joined by other relatives and friends living in areas of Europe and Australia.

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