So-Long but not Goodbye

In Volume 21, No. 3, the March 1966 Issue of the Monthly Progress, A column written by Rudy Rack appeared on page one with the above title.

This column borrows that title to say quite prudently, thank you for your service and guidance Emily Fricker.

She began her work with the newspaper writing the column, “Buzzing around the Sport Club.” Emily first served as Editor from 1957 to the end of 1958. In 1982 she was appointed Chairman of the Publicity and Editorial Committee and has served as Editor since that time.

In the over fifty years she has been involved with this club publication, Emily has overseen a great deal. Her Monthly Progress was often the club’s loudest supporter. It was a voice for tradition. Her Monthly Progress was a perpetual history, making all we had done into a permanent record for the future.

And make no mistake, up until April it was always Her Monthly Progress. I can assure you moving forward that the crisp pages of this newspaper will not be, for some time, without that subtle “ef.” Emily has made it clear of her intentions to continue to contribute to our harmonious community. As her successor I would not have it any other way for the Monthly Progress can only benefit from her joy, her charm and her wealth of knowledge.

As those of us of the “next” now prepare to step into shoes almost too big to fill, remember that it is the success and dedication of our predecessors that has prepared us to continue on as German-Hungarians.

Michael N. Fricker

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