Gaufest in Milwaukee, WI, 2015

L to R: Kneeling; Michael Fricker, Connie Reiter, John Reiter, Sasha Malofiy, Christopher Deely, Sasha Malofiy Jr., Alex Blank, Werner Fricker. Second Row; Chris Deely, Christina Paul, Kyra Malofiy, Brianne Galgon, Kristen Reiter, Allysa Reiter, Michelle Paul, Karina Fricker, Mikaela Malofiy, Emma Walter, Jenn Lineman, Anna Martini, Sofi Walter, Marlene Fricker, Janet Malofiy, Lisa Fricker, Nichole Deely. Third Row;  Phil Karasow, Danny Galgon, Rolf Stielow, Werner Fricker III, Jeanette Lau, Steve Paul, Stevie Paul, Bob Walter, Bill Galgon, Mike Cramer, Karen David, Adam Dickmann, Karen Gadzik.

It was the Sunday Picnic, and the German Hungarians were decked out in Snow White and Blue. With a little help from Fun-Bobby’s music machine, the relaxing day was beginning to pick up. Looking back on these affairs, most do not remember the food, the service, and certainly not the beer. They remember the people, the conversations, the music, and the dancing. The highlight then of the picnic I think was the announcement of the top 5 placing groups. (I will now channel my inner Emily.) The announcer welcomed everyone and called the name of the 5th place club. “Bayern Verein Newark, NJ!” came across the convention center sound system. The cheers were festive, and we applauded our friends for their accomplishments. Then the silence took over as the members of our team linked arms and the SuperFans braced for the impact. At that moment in the announcing, anything could happen or nothing at all. The announcement came. “Fourth Place…” deep breaths in, “the UNITED GERMAN HUNGARIANS of Oakford, Pennsylvania.” then came the exhales and the smiles all around.

One would ponder why a fourth-place finish would be such a moment of excitement to warrant the above prose. Some glass half-empty types may see this ranking as a failure. I know that the majority of the dancers see this as an accomplishment. In 2013, they labeled themselves “Young,” in 2015, “Happy.”

My thought after the announcement was, “They are climbing the ladder.” They are taking steps. They are moving forward. It will take hard work and effort. That is what we do.

As with most Gauverband related events, the attending clubs are invited to perform an “Ehrentanz” at some time over the weekend. The German Hungarians are no exception. The honor dance is both an opportunity to thank the host as well as entertain the attendance with something special from up your sleeve. Our dancers and friends performed a favorite, the Inntaler. The following couples performed:

Alex Blank & Kyra Malofiy

Werner Fricker III & Michelle Paul

Bob Walter & Janet Malofiy

Erik Hugel & Allysa Reiter

Eric Schoellkopf & Karina Fricker

Josh Meck & Mikaela Malofiy

Gerard Hugel & Kristen Reiter

Stefan Hugel & Emma Walter

Stevie Paul & Sofi Walter

Paul Ulrich & Lisa Fricker

Michael Fricker & Anna Martini

Nick Walter & Jenn Lineman

John Reiter & Connie Reiter

Dan Galgon & Brianne Galgon

Sasha Malofiy & Nichole Deely

Mike Cramer & Marlene Fricker

It was a wonderful feeling to fill the dance floor on Friday evening of the fest with so many couples. It is a testament to what the people of the club are capable of. I think also that everyone had fun and that is an achievement on its own.

We need to thank the friends of ours for their help in this performance. We were honored to have them. Thank you to Eric Schoellkopf and Josh Meck of the Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein, Erik, Gerard, and Stefan Hugel of the Schlierachtaler Stamm, and Paul Ulrich of Bayern Verein Newark, NJ. We could not have performed without you. Thanks again for your help and friendship!

To all of the dancers, great job and congratulations on the weekend’s success!

2015 Preisplattler Team:

  • Alex Blank – Karina Fricker
  • Danny Galgon – Michelle Paul
  • Werner Fricker III – Allysa Reiter
  • Sasha Malofiy – Emma Walter
  • Marlene Fricker, Coach
  • Michael Fricker – Kristen Reiter, Alternates
  • Dino Jakovasic, On Accordion

The top five ranked clubs were as follows:

1. SVEV D’Oberlandler, Milwaukee, WI

2. STV Bavaria, Cleveland, OH

3. SG Edelweiss, St. Paul, MN

4. United German Hungarians, Oakford, PA

5. Bayern Verein Newark, Union, NJ

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