President’s Address – New Year 2020

Dear German Hungarian Members,  

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and truly enjoyed the holiday season with your loved ones.   

2019 was a successful year yet a time of transition.  While we continue to host our favorite events and maintain our Club life, we are still settling in on a new role with less responsibility regarding our building and grounds. 

In addition to our annual events such as the Anniversary Banquet, Spring & Fall Penny Parties, Kirchweihfest and our Christmas Party, we hosted the Alex Meixner Band, a Heimatklaenge Night with the dance group, the Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest and A German Hungarian Night featuring the Saar Group from Hungary.  Each of the events was enjoyable for our members and allowed us to invite friends to have some fun along with us. 

As a Club, we also supported our friends at the local German Clubs at their events as well as those clubs within the Verband der Donauschwaben and the Gauverband Nordamerika.  Participation in the Gauverband Nordamerika’s Gaufest, the Welttreffen in Hungary and Romania as well as the Landestreffen in Milwaukee kept our dancers busy this past summer.  Gaufest was a successful trip as we were awarded the Meist Prize for attending with the largest group; we took 4th Place in the Group Competition, and also congratulated a few Einzel winners.  Congrats to all the dancers and their Coaches on a job well done! 

In soccer, we have maintained the tradition of supporting our teams while engaging in highly competitive League, Cup and Tournament play.  It does not stop on the field as we take the camaraderie into the clubhouse whether at home or away.  We represent the German Hungarians proudly both on and off the field.   

Socially we have enjoyed some dance and soccer team fundraisers, and our annual “Day at the Philadelphia Union” game as well as a few meetings on the slopes.  These outings have been a fun time for all ages.  Attending any of these events as the President, and with our organization, is always rewarding and enjoyable. I am thankful for the opportunity and the friendships created and maintained over the years.   

2020 will be a year where we celebrate the German Hungarians, our traditions, our membership, our soccer teams, our cultural group and who we are.  We will proudly celebrate our past and we will look to our future.  Existing for 110 Years is quite an accomplishment and while things may change over time, we remain strong in culture and sport and have been well respected across the US and Internationally. 

While our workload may be lighter, we must continue to carry on our traditions while we take advantage of the soccer and cultural opportunities that await us.  So grab a friend, support our events, attend a neighboring club event and enjoy Club Life!  Quoting Frank Sinatra, the great American singer, actor and producer, “The best is yet to come.” 

While 2019 was good to us, we also lost several members and friends and they will surely be missed.  For 2020, I wish you all a year filled with health, happiness, love and prosperity.   

Janet Fricker Malofiy

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