Manhattan Club: Hand-Crafted & Sweet Just How Joe Reiter Likes It

Barbara and I had the opportunity to visit “The Sweetest Place On Earth”, Hershey Pennsylvania a few weeks ago.  While we were there, we stopped in at the Hershey Hotel for dinner and drinks.  This magnificent hotel dates back to 1933.  After dinner we made our way to the Iberian Lounge located next to the hotel lobby.  This beautifully warm and inviting lounge offers over 100 whiskies from around the world, and delicious lite fare by the fireplace.  Since opening, the Hotel Hershey has been creating hand-crafted cocktail specialties for its guests to enjoy and I definitely found my new favorite, the “Nutcracker Hershey”.  Below you can find the recipe.  Although some of the ingredients are a little more on the pricey side, I find it well worth it.  I was able to find everything in one of our local PA liquor stores, but I would check online to see if your store carries the Angel’s Envy and the Averna Amaro.  The Black Walnut Bitters I ordered online at Amazon.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

2 ounces Angel’s Envy Bourbon

1/2-ounce Averna Amaro

1/2-ounce Sweet Vermouth

1/2-ounce Dark Creme de Cacao

3-4 dashes of Black Walnut Bitters

Mix it all together and garnish the drink with Luxardo Cherries (optional).

Submitted by, Joseph S. Reiter

Inspired by Joe Reiter’s ever present Manhattan, we have invited our members to share their favorite recipe for the whiskey cocktail or whatever beverage wets their whistle.

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