Goulash Ravioli – in the Kitchen with Jenn

The days are getting shorter, and the busy holiday season is coming up fast, so I decided to stock my freezer. I wanted something I could pull out and heat up quickly on a busy night but that would still satisfy us during the cold months. Goulash always sounds good on a cold night. It … Continue reading Goulash Ravioli – in the Kitchen with Jenn

Dracula’s Paprika Hendl and Slivovitz to Wash it Down, by Michael Fricker

"Ei Vant to Eat your Paprikash!" October brings the true beginning of the flavors of the fall. The popular culture heads towards Halloween with ridiculous use of pumpkin as a flavor in everything and anything. But for German-Hungarians, we crave a fall flavor more savory, warming, and spiced in a much more peppy way.

Manhattan Club: Jackie On-The-Go, by Werner Fricker III

Inspired by Joe Reiter's ever present Manhattan, we have invited our members to share their favorite recipe for the whiskey cocktail or whatever beverage wets their whistle.

Late Summer Chicken Paprikash – in the Kitchen with Jenn

My Great-Grandmother taught my mom how to make Chicken Paprikash, then she taught me and that is the way I have always made it. I have come across many different recipes, but I have never felt the need to test any of them out. Then I was flipping through Eva Longoria’s cookbook, a book filled … Continue reading Late Summer Chicken Paprikash – in the Kitchen with Jenn

Manhattan Club: 1960 Beverage List

Inflation is rampant despite what my neighbor would like us to believe. Recession is not a recession if we change the definition (modern problems require modern solutions.) The price of beer, wine, and liquor is up for many reasons ranging from supply chain problems to inflation. I’ll say, thank goodness we don’t live in Australia.  … Continue reading Manhattan Club: 1960 Beverage List

red, red paprika by Michael N. Fricker

An ‘Ode’ to Paprika, by Michael Fricker

You might just say we can't get enough of the stuff. I used to say, “Paprika makes everything better.” It was mostly tongue in cheek but when I really contemplate the idea there isn’t much, I can think of that it would not improve.