Review: Club Night & Ceramic Fun

On February 19th, 2022, the first ever ceramic painting night was hosted by both the German Hungarians and Crescent Ave Ceramics, operated and owned by one of our very own club members, Patricia Walter! 

The Phoenix club was alive with laughter, music, and painting. Over the course of the night, the near 30 participants had the opportunity to paint a stein and make it their own through creative color usage and styles of painting. The comradery and laughter was heard throughout the hall and all the way to the bar nearby.

A good time was had by all.

At the end of the night, Crescent Ave Ceramics took the steins back to their studio to fire the pieces to nearly 2,000 degrees to seal in the colors and make the steins durable and able to hold in that cherished liquid gold, Bier of course!!! It was amazing to see these pieces go from muted tones, to red hot, and then to their final shining glory. All pieces came out brilliantly and represent not only how each person went through the art making process differently, but also how each person is as individual as their pieces.

The steins were then returned to their rightful owners to be thoroughly enjoyed for many “Ein Prosit! Songs” to come!!

We at Crescent Ave. Ceramics cannot wait to come back again and create more art!!! Keep an eye out for more future painting events! 

Patty Walter

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