Goulash: “I knew it had to be good,” by Sasha Malofiy Jr.

One of my favorite meals is a traditional Hungarian goulash. There is nothing better than eating this delicious meal on a cold winter day.

Since moving into a new house with my fiancé Chrissy, we have been trying to make different ethnic foods together. We’ve never made goulash before and since it is one of my favorites, Chrissy and I decided we wanted to give it a try.

We opened the UGH Mahlzeit cookbook and started browsing through recipes. There are a handful of great goulash recipes in the book, but we decided to use the recipe submitted by Mrs. Palnik. What stood out to me was the note she added at the bottom of the recipe which said,

“My husband, Karl, was a great cook. This is his recipe.”


I knew it had to be good!

We had all the ingredients prepped and ready to go. We brought out our Dutch Oven (which was a great engagement gift) and started tossing in the ingredients. As soon as it was simmering in the pot, the house started to smell incredible. I prefer to make spaetzle with goulash, but we went with a solid alternative which was egg noodles.

Once we let the meat cook for a few hours, we were ready to eat. The meat melted in our mouths and the flavors satisfied our tastebuds. This recipe did not disappoint one bit. It was everything we expected it to be and much more.

Sasha Malofiy Jr.

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