Manhattan Club: Jackie On-The-Go, by Werner Fricker III

A traditional clay mug of Augustiner bier at the Festzelt

Ein Helles bitte!

One of the best things about visiting Germany, without question, is the beer:

Augustiner, Hofbrau, Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr or whatever the local flavor is, you usually can’t go wrong when simply ordering a Helles.

But after a few days of beer consumption, a change to the menu can be very welcome. 

On our sixth day of travel, during our second stop in Nuremberg, we wandered into an Irish bar after dinner. I swiftly ordered a Jack Daniels No. 7 on the rocks! (Yes, they had a full glass of ice). At €3,20 a glass I couldn’t pass up the Tennessee whiskey. Joe Reiter, the inspiration of the Manhattan Club, joined me at the table with a Makers Mark of his own.

A few days later while on our way to Cochem, Karina and Mikaela loaded the bus with “product” to prepare us for the Wine Region of the Rhineland-Palatinate. They surprised me with a couple cans of Jack Daniels and Cola! These are a little sweeter than I prefer but when on-the-go, these canned mixed drinks are a wonderful luxury for the whiskey drinker in beer or wine country!

Submitted by, Werner Fricker III

Inspired by Joe Reiter’s ever present Manhattan, we have invited our members to share their favorite recipe for the whiskey cocktail or whatever beverage wets their whistle.

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