When Christmas Starts with the Club, by Mikaela Malofiy

For me, Christmas doesn’t start until the U.G.H. Club Christmas Party, and let me tell you it was great to see everyone this year! With a year off and no club party last year, this year felt even more special. We gathered at the Bensalem Country Club for a night of friends, family, drink, song, and culture! The hall was filled with a lovely, bright, and tall tree that lightened the room and made it feel like home!

It was wonderful to see the kids perform! Their hard work and dedication were apparent and was a great contribution to our annual party. All of the kids did an awesome job no matter their age or size, they sang and recited their poems with so much enthusiasm! It brought us so much joy and the holiday spirit filled the room.

Later in the night, a few of the younger women lead the hall in performing the “12 Day of Christmas”. I started things off by explaining the song and was assisted by Emma Walter, Sofi Walter, Karina Fricker, and Evie Noel. This was a great way to see everyone in the hall participate and show off their vocal talents! Everyone helped sing and perform and it was another testament of how our club family always knows how to put on a show and have some fu

With things over the past few years being different within our club, organization, and the world it was lovely to see all of our members and the German Hungarian family gather and celebrate this Christmas season together. It was a joyful event all in all and was a festive way to kick off Christmas week!

Mikaela Malofiy

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