Dancing Around: Iron Abbey and Haddonfield on the Square, by Michelle McFadden

This past weekend, 9 of our active dancers were very busy keeping up appearances with two dance jobs while majority of the group was in Germany.

Friday evening many of us rushed out of work to attend our first time performing at the Iron Abbey in Horsham, PA! The 8 of us that attended, enjoyed their food and all of the Oktoberfest beer they had on tap. We had the pleasure of listening to Maria and John all evening as they played, where we were left to perform during their breaks. Our 8 dancers took the floor for two sets, while the vendors and audience were very intrigued and enjoyed all aspects of our performance. The night ended with a liter lift and a new relationship with a local restaurant that we hope to perform again for in the future! 

Saturday, we ventured to New Jersey to kick off our fest season with Doug Hager and the Brauhaus Schmitz team. They hosted their fifth annual Oktoberfest on the Square, and we’re proud to perform for them each year. With 8 dancers, we performed three sets where for once the girl dancers in the group didn’t get a break! A rare occasion as anyone close enough to the group knows, the roles are normally reversed. For the second day in a row, we were able to spend time listening to and enjoying Maria & John’s music, with a solo Johnny Cash song sung by our very own Alex Blank. Maria surprised us all, dancers and audience, by making a guest appearance performing the stern polka with the group at the end of our performance. Something she shared she’ll never do again after that day. 

As the evening went on, a good time was had by all, and the atmosphere became a great party as all Brauhaus events do. I’m definitely looking forward to performing the following two weekends for them! 

Michelle McFadden

P.S. I highly recommend the dance group not taking a trip again in the high dance job season. (Just Kidding, of course.) – M.M.

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