New to the Archive: Bobbi-Ann Lineman’s Club Collections

When I attend events with our club, whether they are nearby or regional or national, I like to take a moment or two at some point to step back from the action to get a wider view. Somehow it has been beneficial to me to take these moments to see what we look like from a position just removed. More than once an article, entertainment review, or editorial I have written was inspired from taking this time.

I look at the faces of my friends, my family. Each is a character in their own right. Each a unique person that makes up the whole that is our club. Each face, essential to who we are. Smiles, laughs, conversations, camaraderie characterize what I find to be the view of ourselves at our best.

More often than not our many photographers are able to capture these moments in ways both beautiful and true. One such photographer is Bobbi-Ann Lineman.

Bobbi has been sharing with me at almost a weekly pace, flash drives with her recent photos. These have been added to the archives in albums by year which will be updated as she sends more!

Despite my rather long introduction, her photos speak for themselves.


You can view the whole album by clicking this link:

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