Manhattan Club: 1960 Beverage List

Inflation is rampant despite what my neighbor would like us to believe.

Recession is not a recession if we change the definition (modern problems require modern solutions.)

The price of beer, wine, and liquor is up for many reasons ranging from supply chain problems to inflation. I’ll say, thank goodness we don’t live in Australia

I little digging into the 50th Anniversary souvenir book provided this gem of a beverage list I just had to share. The prices per drink are what’s a bit shocking to a 2022 consumer. Interestingly enough the bottle prices aren’t that off from what I can find at the Total Wine down here in the 1st State.

.50 Whiskey Sours all around!

Submitted by, Michael N. Fricker

Inspired by Joe Reiter’s ever present Manhattan, we have invited our members to share their favorite recipe for the whiskey cocktail or whatever beverage wets their whistle.

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