Dancing Around: A Couple of Sets, Lots of Wurst and Even More Friends at the Delaware Saengerbund

On Friday, and Saturday, September 9 and 10 respectively my friends in the Delaware Saengerbund and the Enzian Volkstanzgruppe many times expressed excitement that “my people” or “my club” was to be coming and dancing on Sunday.

Well, when the day finally came, it wasn’t the greatest weather of the weekend. The rain came down all day, barely any sun shone, but the DSB crews did a great job fortifying the grounds with straw and woodchips.

Soon our German Hungarian members arrived and started to make their hello’s, get something good to eat, explore the fest grounds (as much as you could with rain) and of course share a few good German beers.

Michael K and Kurt from somewhere acquired red and blue plastic trumpets and did their best to march and play along with the Austrian Band!

The final two dance sets of the day were shared among our German Hungarians and our hosts the Enzian Volkstanzgruppe. It was great to get the groups dancing together a few numbers we do the same and others very different! Both groups have quick learners and the performances I must say were excellent.

After our dancing was done, the folks at the DSB had a surprise! A few Hungarian wurst were left and they delivered those promptly to our hungry dancers at our tables.

It was a great Sunday despite the rain, and we enjoyed getting the groups who will host the 30. Gaufest in 2025 together a little more!

From the group photo alone, you can see some strong bonds strengthening and some new ones being made.

Michael N. Fricker

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