Boy that was a Good Schnitzel, by Michael Fricker

A delectable canvas on which we can and should paint many a flavor.

Dracula’s Paprika Hendl and Slivovitz to Wash it Down, by Michael Fricker

"Ei Vant to Eat your Paprikash!" October brings the true beginning of the flavors of the fall. The popular culture heads towards Halloween with ridiculous use of pumpkin as a flavor in everything and anything. But for German-Hungarians, we crave a fall flavor more savory, warming, and spiced in a much more peppy way.

Late Summer Chicken Paprikash – in the Kitchen with Jenn

My Great-Grandmother taught my mom how to make Chicken Paprikash, then she taught me and that is the way I have always made it. I have come across many different recipes, but I have never felt the need to test any of them out. Then I was flipping through Eva Longoria’s cookbook, a book filled … Continue reading Late Summer Chicken Paprikash – in the Kitchen with Jenn

Two “Oma” Recipes, by Mike Stirm II

Two things I love in this world are my Oma and her cooking.  Recently, I spent some with Anna Stirm learning how she makes two of her famous dishes.