Boy that was a Good Schnitzel, by Michael Fricker

Golden. Crispy. Tender. Delicious.

Oh so wonderfully thin.

A delectable canvas on which we can and should paint many a flavor.

The French, Italians, and many other cultures have dishes like scalopini, cordon bleu, and parmigiana. In their own ways these are built upon the same soul of Schnitzel.

Whether you like veal, pork, chicken, or many a wild game, the humble cutlet pounded, prepared, & seasoned can be served a myriad of ways.

Don’t limit yourself! You can make these all at home. And you’ll love doing it.

A great place to start is just with a simple lemon wedge.

My father loved to make thin veal piccata. (Pro tip: dredge the meat in flour not confectioners sugar)

My brother will give you a big hug for a creamy Rahmschnitzel.

What time is it? Breakfast? Break out the eggs for Holsteiner Schnitzel.

Maybe you like things with a bit more of a kick? Garlic. Tomatoes. Peppers. Paprika both sweet and hot? It will be a Zigeunerschnitzel for you.

Let’s say you planned a viewing of Rogers and Hammerstein‘s classic film. Schnitzel with noodles would pair quite well.

But you don’t also have to do it all yourself. The Schnitzel phenomenon runs the gamut from drive-thru to fine dining with white table cloth.

Oh dear Michael, Where can you get a Schnitzel at the drive thru in the US of A?

Look no further than the McNugget, McChicken, and almost everything at Chick-fil-A. 🐔

A few years ago we brought forth a character meant to be the mascot, the cartoon spokesman for the monthly dinner the club was known for.

The Schnitzel-Boy (art by Sofi Walter)

The Schnitzel-Boy was born of an e-mail in 2014 looking for new ways to advertise the event. I wrote the original story of the Boy and commissioned Sofi Walter to render the art.

Though we don’t hold the monthly Wednesday dinner any longer. Maybe the hungry Schnitzel-Boy can live on for the German Hungarians as the mascot for the versatility, the tastiness, the nourishment of the body and the soul that is Schnitzel.

Michael N. Fricker

Send us ( your recipe for your favorite Schnitzel variation. We want to try them all!

For now I’ll leave you with a simple and maybe perfect one:

  • Two slices good quality rye bread. (The best is from the Jewish bakery, deli , or store)
  • Butter (the best quality European style. unsalted)
  • One cutlet of the finest Schnitzel