“Mutti, When Are We Ordering the Wurst?”, by Werner Fricker Jr.

Werner Fricker Jr. tells the tale of our favorite Hungarian Smoked sausage. Is this story the definitive end of that tale? Who knows, after all everything has an end but the wurst has two.

Peter Piskei, 1965

In Memoriam: Peter Piskei

A very proud Banat German from Romania, like many of our people Peter was forced to leave with his family and escape to Austria. There as a boy he played in various camp youth teams. He was good enough to play with what today would be considered equal to our high-level travel or academy teams. … Continue reading In Memoriam: Peter Piskei

Hail to the Champs, 1965

Sunday, June 27, 1965 saw a dream come true – and in truly resounding fashion. Our lads gave Philadelphia its first United States Amateur Soccer Championship in more than thirty years when they completely demoralized Saint Ambrose S.C. of St. Louis, Missouri, the western finalists, and shellacked them 6:0 in the grand final of the National Amateur Soccer Cup matches.